Monday, January 26, 2015

Potty Talk: Savannah Jane edition

For the past 4 days, SJ has been in the process of self potty training!! Read our journey:
January 23, 2015
In shock! Savannah Jane (19m) USED THE POTTY TWICE today!!! Once before nap and once before bed!! Who is this child?! 
**I have nothing to do with making this happen!**
Details (for memory's sake- stop reading if you don't like baby potty talk lol)
I had put both girls in the bed at nap then realized I didn't take rg to the potty. I asked if she wanted to go and she said no, and instantly sj starts chanting "Potty! Potty! Potty! Potty!" I told sj no, you don't have to go potty and she started crying "pooooootty!!!" So I made rg get up and go and I took sj to other bathroom where little potty is and took her diaper and pants off and sat her down. She instantly giggled and said "toot!" And I heard her start peeing!!! She was grinning the whole time! She went A LOT!! I just couldn't believe it and hugged and high fived her!! Rg came running in and clapped for her and they tried to make me go out so sissy could potty again but I refocused and took them back to bed. Can't. Believe. This!!! 
Then at bedtime I just told her it was potty time and sat her on there. She asked for a book so she went and got a book and came back. Within 30 seconds she starts going, looks at me and griiiins. She wanted to keep going- it was so cute! She kept saying "gein" (again) and grunting. Ha! She's too much! ��
January 24: Went twice- once before nap and once before bed. She goes almost instantly once sitting on potty. We don't make her sit on the potty- just get excited about "potty time!!!" And she says "yes! Potty time" and runs to potty. 

Jan 25th: Went 4 times (at least ha!) 
This morning when she woke up, after lunch (twice) then at bath time. 
At bath time she told me (while in the tub) that she needed to go potty so I grabbed her out of bath and sat her on toilet. She immediately went and then went back to bath time heh. 

This sweet little girl always surprises me! She is so sweet and wants to be just like her sister in every way! �� They are tweedle dee and tweedle dum! I love them so!! ��

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Our three year old artist

Yesterday RG asked me how to draw a truck. I told her that she should ask her daddy. Next thing I know she's showing this to me. K told her to "draw a line from here to here... Draw a circle here..."  
So proud of her little truck!!

This evening RG came to me and said "Look Mommy! I drew baby Jesus, Joseph and Mary!" 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Twinning: Sleeping Edition

Raleigh Grace just a month shy of 3!
And Savannah Jane at 15 months!

Love my girls!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Weekend Recap

This weekend we made our first solo family getaway of the summer! When K got off work on Friday we loaded up the car and headed down to the coast for a little island living. RG refused to sleep the entire way down, but at least she was entertaining, singing songs and telling stories.  SJ napped sporadically, but when she was awake she was generally pleasant.  We didn't arrive until 10pm so after our tradition canal baptism, it was in the house and off to bed!

This was the sunset over Lumberton on Friday night. Crazy clouds!

Saturday we got up around ten o'clock and got breakfast at our favorite spot, Big Nell's Pit Stop.

After breakfast we went back to the house, put on swimsuits and lathered on the sunscreen and headed to the beach!  Raleigh Grace has loved the ocean since she first set her tiny toes in it more than two years ago. Savannah was no different! We could not keep this child out of the water. If we set her down she would take off to the surf!

We got off the beach around five, got showered up and headed to Sharky's for dinner where we met up with K's sister and her boyfriend. After dinner it was back to the house and bed because all the fun in the sun took it out of all of us!

Sunday morning we went back to Nell's.  I had monogrammed a couple dresses for the manager's granddaughters. They are both a couple months apart from RG and SJ and the oldest refers to RG as her "best friend".  After breakfast we fired up the boat and took a quick trip to the inlet and back.  SJ loved it when we were moving but hated her life jacket.

RG loved the boat ride, but got a little nervous when K would go over the waves made by the wake of other boats.  She would say "be careful, daddy" every time we hit a big bump.

After the boat we decided to squeeze in a quick trip to the beach since we had to head home that day. We met up with some friends from back home. Their daughter, T, is a few years older than RG, but she took to RG like they've always known each other.  T taught RG how to make a drip sandcastle.  They had a lot of fun but we had to cut it short so we could get back to the house to get packed and head home. 

Another awesome sunset as we headed west.  Going over the bridge when we leave is always bittersweet.  Sad to be leaving but always so good to look back at the island and remembering the fun we had while we were there.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Water Park Fun in the Sun!

I had to wake up both girls this morning (at 10:30am ha)

Today the girls and I met up with some of my girls from my BSF class two years ago. I just love these women and had a blast today! Our next outing we will have to make sure to take some pictures of all of the kiddos and all of us mammas! 

This was the first time the girls have been to a water park and the first time they have been swimming this year. Raleigh Grace was so good and a little cautious at first (I'm thankful for that!) after a bit she really started to warm up- she went down both the small and big slide and generally just played so well by herself as well as with other kids. 

Savannah Jane was a hoot- if she was in the water (which she wanted to be) she wanted to be held belly down so she could "swim around" and kick her legs while making motor boat noises with her lips in he water. If she was sitting in the shallow edge of the water she wanted to be pushing cars or playing with any other toys she could get her hands on. :)

Here a few pictures from that and then a couple pictures from our night tonight- we walked to dinner then came home and K and Raleigh Grace played with his arm figurines from when he was a boy! Raleigh Grace loved them and the quality time with daddy while I put Savannah Jane to sleep. :)

(Oh, and Savannah Jane got her first sunburn and I feel terrible! Thankfully it's not bothering her a bit! We did put on SPF 50 but apparently that wasn't enough for her sweet skin! :( )

And they were tuckered... Raleigh Grace was sooooo tired but did NOT want to leave (who can blame her!). Savannah Jane was watching her every move and mimicking every nonverbal cue she have- see facial expression and posture ha! 
Nap time was late (4:45pm) and I had to wake up Raleigh Grace at 7:15pm! (Savannah Jane woke around 7) 

Then tonight:

                      Gnite :)
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